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Related article: Messrs. F. W. Warre and C. J. D. Goldie have been elected Presi- dents of the O.U.B.C. and C.U.B.C. respectively for the en- suing year. This is ample testi- mony to their personal popularity and capabilities as oarsmen alike. Putting all this aside, however, never was Ibsen's heredity theory so triumphantly vindicated before. The late Mr. J. H. Goldie Paroxetine 10 Mg and Dr. Warre (the present Head- master of Eton), their fathers, were both Old Etonians, both " Old Blues," and both held the same responsible office in their day and generation ! Another item Paroxetine 40mg of news peculiarly refreshing is that Cantab oarsmen are sub- scribing largely Paroxetine 30mg to the fund started for the purpose of presenting Mr. W. A. L. Fletcher with a testi- monial. That Cantab oarsmen owe the famous Oxonian oarsman *899-] "OUR VAN. >• 473 and coach a Paroxetine Tablets deep Paroxetine Discontinuation debt of grati- tude is patent enough, and we are rejoiced to note they are going to show it in such a 20 Mg Paroxetine tangible fashion. Of subsequent develop- Paroxetine Buy ments anon. Congratulations also to Lord Justice A. L. Smith, the Old Cambridge rowing " Blue," upon receiving the somewhat unique honour of election as Presi- dent of the M.C.C. ! The lawn -tennis clubs have opened auspiciously since our last, matches against Lancashire, Rock- ferry, Kent County, &c, having been played. So far the Ox- onians 10 Mg Paroxetine appear the most consistent team, especially at Singles work, and we anticipate their victory at Queen's Club on June 30th and July 1 st. There is not much in it up to date between the swim- ming and water - polo teams — neither is quite first-class this year — and we shall expect to find honours divided in the represen- tative matches at the Bath Club, London, on June 24th. Cam- bridge should excel in the water- polo, and Oxford in the swimming items. Of polo (proper) nothing definite can yet be spoken of re- spective strength. Judging from the unusual keenness displayed either way, however, there is no chance of another runaway vic- tory for Oxford at Hurlingham this year. How many old parlia- mentary hands will be available is not yet known, and the Paroxetine 30 same with tennis proper ; in fact, pros- pects in both directions are yet in nubibus. All in good time. General news may be very briefly dismissed. Once again the value of a thew-and-thought ' curriculum has been evidenced at Oxford. The names of promi- nent sportsmen simply abounded in the Classical Honours Modera- tion Lists ! To the deep satisfac- tion of Oxonians all, Mr. J. P. Heywood - Lonsdale has been elected M.F.H. on the Bicester and Warden Hill Hunt, vice the Earl of Cottenham (another Ox- onian), resigned. The old* Varsity coxswain is still exceedingly popu- lar with Dark Blues, hence a pretty big exodus of Oxonians is assured three or four days of the week next season to Bicester. By the way, under the new rules — vide Baily of last month — they are exempt from the fees hence- forth to be enforced by that Hunt. Congratulations to Sir William Anson, a fine sportsman and capital judge of a horse, upon his election as M.P. for Oxford University. Ditto to Sir G. G. Stokes, who for the past fifty years has been Professor of Mathe- matics at Cambridge, upon the testimonial to be presented to him Paroxetine Hydrochloride on June 1st. " Extremes meet," we are told, and few would think this popular Pro- fessor Fluoxetine Paroxetine favoured sport in any shape or form. Yet go Paroxetine 10mg for a good ride with him down Cottenham way or towards Balsham, and you will be surprised at the length and depth of his knowledge of men and matters in this direction. Golf. — The Royal and Ancient Club has adopted the prudent course of approving in principle the new and amended rules of the game, and deferring until the Autumn Meeting their considera- tion in detail. This arrangement gives the Rules Committee ample time to consider the criticisms made upon its work and if thought desirable to revise it in the light of these criticisms. The Ladies' Open Champion- ship has been won by Miss Hezlet ; of the Royal Portrush Club, who is the youngest champion, not only of her own but of either sex, ever known in the annals of the Buy Paroxetine game. She is seventeen years of age, and, as a matter of fact, celebrated her seventeenth birthday on the 474 BA1LY S MAGAZINE* fjose Saturday before her great success. In 1895, that is to say when she was twelve or thirteen years of age, she took part in the cham- pionship meeting at Portrush. Miss Hezlet is therefore to be ranked as a golfing Use Of Paroxetine prodigy. She was Paroxetine 40 somewhat favoured Paroxetine 30 Mg in the matter of Paroxetine Fluoxetine position in the draw, but when it came Paroxetine Mg to the final round she had to meet the redoubtable Miss Magill, of the County Down Club, and against her she played a game which is described by all the critics in terms of the highest praise. With the exception of Park, of North Berwick, all the leading professionals took part in a tour- nament at Richmond, got up by the Mid-Surrey Club. It was the biggest thing of the kind ever arranged, and it was marked by conspicuous success. The great feature of the Paroxetine 20mg play was the per- formance of Harry Vardon, open champion in the qualifying com- petition when he did the two rounds of a course, which certainly is not deficient in length, though it may lack hazards, in 144 strokes, or exactly an average of four strokes per hole. This score put him no fewer than 11 strokes in front of the second man, Jack White, of Seaford, and 17 strokes in front of J. H. Taylor, who is now the professional at Richmond and consequently had a great advantage over the other com- petitors in the Paroxetine 40 Mg matter of knowledge of the green. In the subsequent match played Vardon beat in sac- cession Braid, of Romford, Alexander Herd, of Huddersfieki, and Rowe, of Ashdown. The prize-money Vardon carried off was ^50, which is about four times